Initial Consultation

You will have a confidential appointment and a review of your Health Questionnaire and Food & Routine Diary that you submitted in advance of the consultation.

During this time we will gather any further information required to obtain a complete understanding of your health concerns and goals.

A protocol in the form of an ‘Individual Personalised Plan’ (IPP) will be developed that will support you in optimising your health through diet and lifestyle.

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These are usually scheduled four weeks following the initial consultation.

You will have a confidential 45 minute appointment. During this time we will review your IPP developed in the initial consultation.

Any new or other concerns will be addressed.

A new ‘Health Optimisation Plan’ will be developed based on your progress in the previous four weeks and current concerns.

If you need to contact your consultant between appointments a telephone call or email support of up to 15 minutes in total are available and are included in the price of the initial consultation.

Further Consultations

All further consultations will follow the same format as the Follow-Up Consultation.

Other Services

  •  Menu Planning
  •  Pantry Makeover's
  •  Personal shopping trips to help get you organised and ready to go with your new health optimisation plan.
  •  For corporate clients, in conjunction with consultation services, we also offer workshops, seminars.


To avoid costs incurred by cancellations and missed appointments we require at least 48 hours’ notice. To cancel or rearrange an appointment, please contact me on 07583035406 or via email:

All information regarding diet and exercise provided by the nutrition advisor should be taken as ‘advice’ and suggestion towards upholding and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. The information provided is not intended to replace that of a medical practitioner with regards to diagnosis and/or the treatment of medical conditions.