Lifestyle Management - Seminars & Workshops

The NFC Seminars cover a range of health and nutrition topics to help you optimise healthy lifestyle choices. Relaxed and informative talks from our inspirational leaders highlight key issues facing individuals today. They are presented in an interactive, motivational and engaging manner providing practical advice to enable staff to take steps to change their diet and lifestyle. Topics are tailored to the individual company but examples include:

  •  Immunity: The Free Radical Attack
  •  The role of Antioxidants in our diets: Anti-ageing prevention strategies
  •  The Juice Plus Story
  •  Stress management: Preventing Burnout
  •  Endless energy: The Sugar Balance Debate
  •  Weight Management
  •  Maintaining great mental health: The role of Essential Fatty Acids
  •  10 steps to a healthier future
  •  Improving your sleep

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Seminars can be booked individually and last for approximately one hour or form part of a carousel of events on health and wellness. Following a needs analysis - this can be tailored specifically to you organisation’s requirements.