About Me

I have always been interested in looking after myself, working as a fitness instructor, singer and dancer over the years my focus was always about how I looked from the outside rather than what was happening internally.

I graduated from University with an honours degree in Business in 1996, followed by a Diploma in Performing Arts at the London School of Musical Theatre 1998. Inspired by my sister, I then went on to qualify as a Personal Trainer with Premier International and worked freelance alongside my work in the music industry.
In 2004 I entered the teaching profession and have been balancing lecturing Business, singing and personal training in various combinations ever since. I have always lived by the proverb ‘variety is the spice of life’ and pushed myself to meet new and sometimes ‘impossible’ challenges.
However, reflection is always a powerful tool and it is only through the course of my studies into nutrition that I now realise I ignored the signs along the way.

My journey: I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis in 1999 and in the years that followed, if a cold was going around I was guaranteed to get it (usually ten times worse than anyone else). Skin infections and allergies became a regular occurrence, IBS, then the big ‘C’ - malignant melanoma (skin cancer – most probably from overuse of sunbeds in an attempt to keep up appearances), followed by hypothyroidism. I decided enough was enough; I had to start listening to my body - hence my journey into the world of nutrition.

It took me far too long to realise I was paying for the damaging effect of long term stress, overwork and a hectic lifestyle!! If only I had listened to the warning signs back in 1999. However, being a strong believer in not dwelling on the past – "what’s done is done", I realised I could change my future. Passionate about healthcare having experienced my own burn-out and health challenges, I redressed my lifestyle, changed to part time hours at college, regained my work-life balance and focused my energies on what was really important to me. Looking after myself!

In more recent years, I have become increasingly aware of how we can heal ourselves through healthy life-style and diet. I re-entered the fitness industry, extending my qualifications and taking a more focused route specialising in the role of nutrition and diet. Developing my existing nutritional knowledge, I am now currently reading nutrition at the Natural Healthcare College.

Having been on the journey myself and positively changed my lifestyle and outlook, I am a firm believer that sound nutrition is the foundation for optimum health. As quoted by Hippocrates, the father of medicine: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

I now like to provide advice, information and achievable recommendations in order for individuals to make informed decisions and choices about their lifestyle too.

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